Offer Checklist

Congratulations! Having an offer is an encouraging sign that valuable career opportunities are still available despite changes in the market due to COVD-19. Now it’s time to identify your priorities so that you can confidently make a decision.

The key is to differentiate your “wants” from “needs.” There is no such thing as a perfect offer. While you don’t have to settle, being overly “picky” may cost you a stable gig in the current economic environment. Ask yourself:

  • Will I be working in a location where I have access to adequate medical care, transportation, and a support system of people who care about me?
  • Does the offer include a retirement savings plan, employee stock options, or other resources that will help me plan my financial future?
  • Does the offer include health benefits, including a vision plan, dental coverage, and other incentives for living a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do I honestly agree with, believe in, and feel excited about the company’s mission?
  • Will the role allow me to use skills that I currently possess while developing new skills?
  • Have I had an opportunity to speak with my potential supervisor to determine whether I’ll enjoy the team?

Identifying and focusing on your priorities can help you know whether or not an offer meets your needs. Knowing whether or not an offer meets your needs is the step to determining your answer. Here are some additional resources about decision making that you might find helpful:

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