Upcoming Recruiting/Engagement Events


Engineering In-Person Career Fair

September 11 & 12 | 1 PM - 6PM  | State Farm Center

Internships and Full-Time Positions Available on Both Days

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Upcoming Recruiting Events



September 10 & 11, 2024 Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Fall 2024 Job Fair
September 10, 2024  EXPO Reverse Career Fair 
September 11 & 12, 2024 Fall 2024 Grainger Engineering In-Person Career Fair 
September 25, 2024 Fall 2024 Grainger Engineering Virtual Career Fair
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Additional Engagement Opportunities: Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with The Grainger College of Engineering facilitates a bright future for engineering education and research while also supporting your organization’s goals for progress and growth at both the company and employee levels. Discover new ways of engaging engineering students: Student Research ExperiencesSenior Design & Capstone Projects, Student Curriculum, and more! 




The Grainger College of Engineering Corporate Partnerships  
Kent Studer 
Melissa Belcher
CS-ECE Corporate Connection Sponsorship   
Cynthia Coleman 
Kat Darr
MechSE Industry Allies


CEE Corporate Partners Keely Ashman  kashman@illinois.edu 
ISE Corporate Partners Julie Murphy    jdg5@illinois.edu   
Professional Master's Programs Capstone Projects Lauren Stites  lstites@illinois.edu 
City Scholars Corporate Partnerships Brenna Conway  conwaybw@illinois.edu 
CBE Corporate Partners  Patricia Simpson   plblum@illinois.edu