Identify Job Search Parameters

Save Time by Identifying your Goals

Before you start your job search, it is important to identify your goals and parameters. Here are some factors to take into consideration:

Factors to Narrow Your Options

Where do you want to work? Are you willing to relocate? 

Job Title
What kind of job are you interested in? What is the job responsibility?

Company & Industry
What type of company do you want to work for (start-up, pre-IPO, big company, etc.)? What is the industry?

Organize Your Job Search

Follow the Steps on Job Search Guide
It might be overwhelming to start your job hunt. Take some time to follow the instructions on ECS's Job Search Guide to narrow your search lists.

Job Search Guide →

Create a Tracking System
It is difficult to follow through every application using your memory. A good tracking system can help you organize all the positions that you plan to apply and keep you updated on your progress.

Sample Spreadsheet →

Next Steps

Prepare Your Application Materials

Craft your resumes and cover letters for applications!

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Attend Networking Events

Actively engage with professionals and employers to open doors for opportunities.

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Apply to Job Postings

Check out commonly used job boards to find job postings and apply.

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Having Questions about Any of the Steps?

Make an Appointment with ECS to Discuss Your Steps