Preparation Tips

General Interview Preparation Tips

  1. Know yourself

    You got the interview because they liked what they saw on the resume. Know your skill set and prepare for specific questions. Don’t embellish, but play up your strengths. Write down your greatest accomplishments and struggles.

  2. Know the venue

    With many interviews going virtual, make sure that you have all the facts as you prepare for a phone, Zoom, or recorded interview. Many companies are using virtual platforms such as HireVue, so make sure you understand how the platform works well before the deadline for submitting your virtual interview.

  3. Research the employer

    Know what they do and why. Have a good understanding of what the position entails. Study their website and review industry trends .

  4. Dress code

    Dress professionally, ideally in a suit. Dress for a virtual interview the same way you would for an in-person interview .

  5. First impressions matter

    Be at your best during the entire experience. Anyone could have clout when it comes to hiring. Shake hands, smile, listen, answer each question you are asked while finding ways to consistently showcase your skills .

  6. Ask questions

    When an interviewer asks if you have any questions, the answer is YES.  Asking questions is one way to show interest in the opportunity .

  7. There's fortune in the follow up

    Find out next steps in the hiring process, ask for business cards, and e-mail a thank you letter within 24 hours .

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