Generative AI and Your Job Search

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have become increasingly popular. These tools can be helpful in the job and internship search, but there are also limitations to keep in mind.  

Tips for Effectively Utilizing AI in Your Job Search

While AI tools can be incredibly helpful, they should complement your efforts rather than replace them entirely. Always review and customize the generated content to reflect your true skills, experiences, and personality. Additionally, continue to hone your technical skills and gain practical experience, as these are crucial factors in landing engineering jobs or internships. 

Use generative AI to optimize and customize the bullet points of your resume.

AI can help you create compelling, tailored resumes by generating impactful descriptions of your skills, experiences, and achievements.

Revise your own text for grammar, spelling, or provide assistance in making your content more concise. 

Considerations and Limitations

AI tools make recommendations based on industry trends and norms, which could be different for the company or position you’re pursuing.

The tool can only include the information you provide, which means truly effective experiences may get left out.  

Look for irregularities, details that don’t align with your experience and repetitive information.

Be careful not to input highly sensitive or personal information into AI tools.


AI can assist by generating initial drafts or providing ideas when comparing the job description to your experiences.

Considerations and Limitations

AI cannot deeply speak to your specific experiences.

Ensure you customize these generated letters to draw connections between your experiences and the specific job requirements stated in the job description to ensure you understand the company and position. 

AI can assist in creating a captivating summary or descriptions of your experiences. 

Considerations and Limitations

Generated content may lack originality and uniqueness.

Tailoring and personalizing the content is crucial to avoid sounding generic and indistinguishable from other profiles. 


Generative AI can help identify relevant keywords or phrases specific to the engineering field or the job functions you are targeting. 

Incorporating these keywords strategically in your resume, cover letter, or online profiles can improve visibility in applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

Considerations and Limitations

Generative AI should not be used to replace your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. AI can assist with the idea generation, but it is up to you to determine if the information is accurate. 

Do not solely rely on AI without understanding the industry or job requirements. Instead, consider it a support tool while continuously improving your knowledge and skills.

AI tools can be used to simulate interview scenarios to help you practice responses to common questions and refine your communication kills. 

Considerations and Limitations

The exact experience cannot be replicated by AI. Additional mock interview opportunities can be scheduled with career coaches.

AI-generated content can aid in crafting introductory messages or emails when reaching out to professionals for networking or informational interviews.  

Considerations and Limitations

However, personalize these messages to establish genuine connections.

Human interaction, networking, and personal communication skills are essential. Use AI as a supplementary tool rather than a replacement for personal connections. 

AI tools can assist with email development when struggling to know where to start, or to ensure your communication comes across professionally.  

Considerations and Limitations

Email communication requires a personalized and customized response, which AI cannot typically produce. Generated emails must be proofread and match the tone and intent of the message that is trying to be conveyed. 

More Generative AI Support for Students

Looking for more guidance, support, and information on generative AI as a student? The University of Illinois System shares additional details.