Before Senior Year

  1. Find out if Grad School is right for you
  2. Get involved in research
  3. Identify potential graduate programs
  4. Connect with Faculty and Graduate Students to learn more
  5. Consider and identify faculty for letters of reference
  6. Schedule an take GRE or relevant entrance exam

Suggested Timeline in Senior Year

  1. June - August: Create a list of graduate programs; Communicate with Admission Offices
  2. September: Request Letters of Recommendation
  3. September - November: Write the application essay and get it reviewed; Prepare CV/Resume and get it reviewed by ECS
  4. December: Send out applications

*Note: The suggested timeline is based on a December deadline for most of the graduate programs

Tools You will Need

Graduate School Application Worksheet

Use this template to create a list of graduate programs, organize your graduate school application and keep track of your progress!

Access Grad School Worksheet →

Application Materials

Learn more about how to prepare application materials and craft your draft.

Learn More →

Writers Workshop

Proofread your application essays with the help from Writers Workshop.

Visit Writers Workshop →

Having Questions about Any of the Steps?

Make an Appointment with ECS to Discuss Your Steps