Downloadable Resume Samples

Review the samples below to get an idea of what content to include and how to organize information on your resume. You can even download a sample and update it with your own content.

Important Notes:

  1. These samples are not exact representations of every potential role within an industry or engineering discipline.
  2. Do not plagiarize the sample content or ever include any false or exaggerated information on your resume.
  3. Contact Engineering Career Services if you need help identifying experiences to include on your resume.

Resume Samples:

Purpose of a Resume

The purpose of a résumé is to get an interview, so make sure that your résumé is ready!

Your Resume Should:

  • Receive about 6-7 seconds of a recruiter's time for initial screening
  • Provide a summary of who you are but not tell your entire story
  • Highlight your practical skills & abilities but not your academic awards

Steps to Tailor a Resume

(1) Review the job description

Identify the required and desired skills and qualifications by analyzing the job description.

  • What is the employer seeking?
  • How do you meet those needs?
  • What makes you a good fit for the position?


  • Identify key requirements for the position. If you're applying to work as a software engineer, you may notice the terms "Java", "Python", "analytical skills", or "2 to 4 years of experience".
  • The more often a company repeats words or phrases in the job posting, the more important they are for you to include in your own application.
  • Review the job posting and make a list of the top ten keywords based on the position's responsibilities.

(2) Incorporate the Keywords

These keywords should serve as a blueprint for your résumé, cover letter, and social media profiles—you'll want to build your application around them. Go through and tweak the language of your résumé to include the exact keywords.


  • When writing your résumé, be sure to include as many of the keywords you've identified from the job posting.
  • If you're applying to work as a software engineer, you may choose to include "Java" in one of your bullet points for a previous role. For example: "Implemented and troubleshooted Java code for client-end desktop projects."

(3) Identify your relevant skills and accomplishments

Emphasize skills that you've gained that can be used in the position that you are applying for. List your education, jobs, volunteer and leadership positions, relevant coursework, and notable projects.


  • If you have had a limited amount of professional experience, you may choose to highlight a class project, senior project, or something you've worked on in a student organization.
  • Showcase your skills in your bullet points for a previous role. For example: "Collaborated with development team to create an open source P2P control system for university intranet."

(4) Write descriptive action phrases

  • When writing your bullet points, start with an action verb.
  • Arrange the descriptive phrases in order of relevance to the position you are seeking.
  • Avoid using "I" statements and articles ("the" or "a").


  • Mediocre Description: "Answered phones and provided customer support." can be re-written to be: "Answered incoming calls (avg. 40/day) resolving customers’ IT questions utilizing Software Pro."
  • Mediocre Description: "Responsible for troubleshooting customers’ IT problems." can be re-written to be: "Consolidated multiple ticketing systems, improving communication and ticket turnover rate by 7%."

Formatting Recommendations

General Formatting

  • Margins: 1'' recommended
  • Length: 1 page


  • Easy-to-read, such as Calibri, Arial, Tahoma, or Century Gothic
  • Do not exceed 10-12 font size

Content Organization

  • Bold section headings
  • position titles to make important points stick out to readers
  • Consistently using bold or italics adds visual organization


  • Past experiences should be described in past tense
  • Current positions can be described in either past or present tense
  • Avoid using any full sentences