Career Fair Tips

The Upcoming Career Fairs

We are excited that you're planning to attend the Grainger Engineering In-Person and Virtual Career Fairs!
Companies are looking for students to fill internships, co-ops, and full-time positions at these fairs.
One-third of our on-campus interviews happen days after these events, so this is something you don’t want to miss!


Campus-Wide Fairs

Top 5 Career Fair Tips

  1. Review the Employer List & Pick Your Top 10
    • Prioritize your time at the career fair by creating a list of employers you want to visit first.
  2. Research, Research, Research!
  3. Know Your Strengths and Prove Them With Your Experiences
    Use your elevator pitch to summarize your top three strengths (a mix of technical and interpersonal skills) and share a couple of experiences (including class projects, projects, and non-engineering jobs)  as examples of those strengths.
  4. Ask About the Interview Timeline
    Ask the recruiter when they plan to contact students for interviews following the career fair. Knowing the employer's timeline will help you determine when it is time to follow up or when it is time to move on.
  5. Save Recruiters' Contact Info and Keep in Touch
    Remember to write down the names of the recruiters you meet. You can then connect with and follow them on LinkedIn. You can also reach out to them next semester if you are still interested and available. Watch ECS' short video on how to make following up less awkward.

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Follow the Steps

Many Thanks to all EXPO committee members and volunteers

at the Spring 2023 Engineering Career Fair!