Career Fair Tips

6 Steps to Prepare for the Virtual Career Fair

  1. Fully Complete Your Handshake Profile
    • Include your GPA and Graduation Date and make your profile public.
    • You will not see all of the available employer slots if your profile has missing information.
  2. Register for the event and sign-up for slots ahead of time
    • You cannot skip this step if you want to talk to employers
  3. Get Familiar with the Handshake Virtual Career Fair Platform
    • Learn about where to go for help during the event.
    • Take a look at this step by step guide from Handshake to understand the virtual career fair platform and process.
  4. Have Your Resume Ready
    • Upload a recent copy of your resume to Handshake.
    • Have a digital copy open while talking to employers.
  5. Prepare for the conversation with the employer as if it was a mini-interview.
    • Research the employer before having a conversation.
    • Have your elevator pitch ready to introduce yourself and talk about your skills and expeeriences.
    • Prepare questions to learn more about the employer.
  6. Follow Up with Recruiters
    • Ask the recruiter for their contact information
    • write down their first and last name to find them on LinkedIn

Helpful Resources


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 Build Your Network


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Follow the Steps

Many Thanks to all EXPO committee members and volunteers at the Grainger Engineering Career Fairs!