Salary Data

2021-2022 Graduates Salary Data

Want to learn about average salaries of students graduated from your department? Explore data portal and reports for employment statistics.

2021-2022 Illini Success report


2021-2022 ECS Salary Data Portal


Learn about average salaries for Illinois graduates and view data by departments and degree levels. 2021-2022 Salary Data will be updated soon.


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2021-2022 Illini Success Report

View the reports below to learn what Illinois undergraduate degree graduates are doing following graduation, including employment, continuing education, and volunteer service. 


Additional Salary Research Tools


Allows you to search for salaries by job title, company, and location. All data is employee-reported and also includes company reviews.

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NACE Salary Calculator

Provides salary analysis based on data and trends from partner schools. 

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Offers a Salary Wizard that draws from a database of employer-reported salaries.

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Provides comprehensive information on compensation and job levels in the tech industry.

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